1. Power supplies: be warned that the modules containing tubes draw much more current from both power supplies (+12 and -12) when first turned on "cold". This is due to tube heaters, which are like incandescent lamps -- they have low resistance when cold, and higher resistance when hot. For example, an R54 draws 150 mA in normal operation, but briefly draws 550 mA when first powered up.

We have had good results with the Doepfer 1200 mA supplies, both in cabinets and in DIY form -- a 1200mA supply is known to power five R modules without overheating.

The current Monorocket supplies give similar performance, and are recommended. Early Monorocket supplies had problems delivering the transient current.

The ModularWorld cabinet's stock supply is only capable of powering two R modules, so upgrade of the power supply is recommended.

We cannot say more about smaller aftermarket supplies like the Tiptop uZeus, its transient capacity is probably limited.

Switching power supplies are also not recommended, unless a supply is selected with vastly more current capacity than the modules draw normally. Switching supplies have no transient current capacity, and must be rated for the transient current draw, not the normal operation draw. For example, to run five R54 modules, we recommend a +-12v switching supply with a capacity of at least 10 amps. If you intend to use an International Power, Power-One, or Condor linear power supply, the +-12v/3.4 amp models will be sufficient to run at least five R modules, and possibly more (depending on the mix of types).

2. Using the R60: when first setting up the R60 to tune a VCO, adjust the VCO's pitch to below 32 Hz, rather than at precisely 32 Hz. When the tuning cycle is finished, press the Learn button for a few seconds and release it, then immediately press the lower C key two or three times, to insure the R60 reads the MIDI channel properly. Then immediately press a key and operate the pitch-bend on the controller to both extremes, to insure the R60 sets its initial pitch correctly.